Hair Transplant Before & After

Number of Grafts: 4,327
2 Years Post-Op

Paul’s case was unique and we knew that one surgery would not be enough to get him to where he wanted to be. From step one he trusted the process and diligently followed the plan. Two surgeries later and here we are. Paul’s frontal hairline is completely transformed and has afforded him a more youthful look. We also added a healthy amount of density at the crown and midzone to help give a more full appearance. As you can see, he’s enjoying his new hair and has grown it out to a beautiful length. Surgery #1 – 1,608 grafts Surgery #2 – 2,719 grafts Photos like this make our whole team smile. Thank you for allowing us to share it, Paul.

Number of Grafts: 3,046
6 Months Post-Op

The crown is the second most common area we restore with hair transplant surgery. While you may be able to hide the top of your head more easily with a hat or naturally with height, inevitably it’s going to show.

At The Sharma Clinic, we don’t like hats. Instead, we choose to tackle the problem head-on instead of hiding it. This young man is 6 months post-transplant and he is well on his way to an amazing final result. The new hair will reach full maturity at the 18-month mark, so he has an entire year of growth and density to look forward to. Hopefully, by then he is feeling confident enough to take his collection of hats and toss them into the bin.

Number of Grafts: 3,289
7 Months Post-Op

This gentleman came to our clinic hoping to get back his youthful appearance by addressing his fairly severe hair loss. Focusing on the frontal hairline and crown we placed over 3,000 grafts to achieve this impactful result. Over half of the grafts were focused along the frontal hairline with a smaller portion placed at the crown (better visible in the third photo). For this procedure we did not place any grafts into the midzone, found between the frontal hairline and very top of the head. One reason for this was to save a majority of the grafts for the most visible section located at the front.

You may notice that the density behind the hairline is a bit lacking. This was a calculated decision and due to Dr. Sharma’s harvesting technique we still have plenty of viable grafts should this man desire a second transplant to restore an even larger area of hair. The after photos were taken 7 months after his hair transplant and are showing roughly 65% of the final result in terms of density and growth. Over the next year he will see the hair begin to thicken, and even new hairs sprouting to help give greater density to the recipient area. In all, this is a massive success and goes to show that using a high number of grafts is essential to obtaining dramatic results. For those hoping to achieve similar hair restoration progress please note – if only 1,500 or 2,00 grafts are used for a case like his, the result would reflect that decision.

Number of Grafts: 1,906
6 Months Post-Op

This patient came to us after her first hair transplant at another clinic yielded unsatisfactory results. The first procedure used the F.U.T. technique which left her with a low amount of hair density even when grown out. After careful consideration and discussion with this patient, we decided to proceed with a revision surgery. Using the F.U.E. microsurgery technique we transplanted just under 2,000 grafts to the frontal hairline and midzone. 6 months later and Laura’s hair has started to fill in very nicely.

Laura is an avid swimmer and noted how sparse her hair looks while wet. We hope she can get back into the pool with more confidence than ever.

Number of Grafts: 2,750
12 Months Post-Op

Spencer came in looking for a solution to his premature hair loss and Doctor Sharma knew exactly what to do. After a single consultation we knew that approximately 2,800 grafts would give him the results he was looking for. One year later and Spencer is looking better than ever! These photos really speak for themselves.

Number of Grafts: 2000+
24 Months Post-Op

Results like this speak volumes about the amazing possibilities of the F.U.E. procedure. This very gentle and kind man wanted to treat himself after his two children completed college. He saved up for almost a full year for the procedure and absolutely loved his results. This results took 2 seperate procedures to achieve. The first procedure required 1,500 grafts and he returned for a second surgery 1 year later for a top up and some additional grafts.

Discover a new you

Discover a new you